“Monaghan: A Life”

Pizza mogul, sports owner, billionaire, devout Catholic, university founder, philanthropist. These are just a few of the many words that describe Tom Monaghan.

In “Monaghan: A Life”, biographer Joseph Pearce traces Monaghan’s journey from “the gutter to the start”, beginning with time spent in an orphanage, through business successes and setbacks, to ultimately achieving his childhood dreams and becoming a celebrity billionaire.

Monaghan’s story does not end there. As no other biographer has done, Peace tells of Monaghan’s continuing journey – to make a billion dollars, then to give it away; to become not a CEO, but a saint, one pointed not simply at the “stars,” but at heaven.

Find out more about the man who built Domino’s Pizza into an empire, owned the Detroit Tigers, built a Catholic college and a top-rated law school and then moved them halfway across the country, turning them into respected higher-learning institutions surrounded by a growing city. Tom Monaghan is all of these things and much more!

“Monaghan: A Life”, by Joseph Pearce, is approved by Thomas Monaghan.


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